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Why hasn't the U.S. Media
ever uncovered and revealed  the

The Swastica
Value$   of the Bush Family
?      ?       ?

How many Americans would have thought this family worthy of election to so many high offices, if the mainstream media had not continued for generations to HIDE the horrible story of how the George Herbert Walker Bush family "earned" much of its wealth and power, i.e. by serving as the principal bankrollers in America of Adolf Hitler and his "National Socialist Party", both in its rise to power,  and even after World War II was declared, with NAZI Germany on one side, and America on the other?  ( And yes, we know that George H.W. Bush served as a U.S. navy pilot and was shot down while fighting against the Japanese.  But that is a tiny part of a much larger story.  There are some who view this Bush as anything but a hero for being the only one of his crew of three to survive that tragedy. See http://www.rense.com/general47/hero.htm, which disagrees with the official version of the story at http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq10-3.htm. )
        How many people know anything about the grand-father Prescott Bush and the grand-father "George Herbert Walker", from whom both of the Bush presidents got their names?  George Herbert Walker was the grand-father of the first President Bush and Prescott Bush married Walker's daughter, and became his "partner in crime" in the years leading up to World War II.  Prescott Bush was rewarded by the Republican Party for siding with the Nazis against the United States, with a seat in the U.S. Senate for himself, [ from the state of Connecticut], and with the U.S. Presidency for his son and his grand-son.  One can only wonder how this nefarious family has had so much power over the U.S. media that the American public is still in the dark about this crucial period of our country's history!

The Bush Evil Empire

Keeping It in The Family: The Bushes and the Nazis

The first part of this video by veteran journalist, John Buchanan lays out the results of his research in the U.S. National Archives where he uncovered the deep and historical ties between the Bush family and the Nazi war machine. Buchanan's endeavors led to highly respected newspapers such as the London Guardian covering the story. By stating as facts any number of claims against the patriarchs of the Bush family, Buchanan has made it easy for his adversaries to prove him wrong, if they have the facts on their side. But unless and until they do, I think Buchanan's case is persuasive.
        The latter part of this video goes beyond exposing historical facts, however, into speculation about what is going on in the minds of current members of the Bush family and what might happen in the future.
        Here is another Youtube video by the British Broadcasting Corp. that Buchanan refers to in the previous video:

Here's another, longer video:

Some of America’s most influential families funded Hitler. Ambitious lawyers in Washington covered it up under a cloak of national security. The Justice Department brought Nazis into America by the thousands to be trained as cold war spies.
        The Attorney General personally sponsored some of the worst war criminals for immigration to the USA, including the chief of the Ukrainian security service, Mykola Lebed. His troops murdered tens of thousands of Poles, Ukrainians and Jews, including Simon Wiesenthal’s mother.
        In 1985, the (Reagan) Justice Department pawned this Ukrainian mass murderer off to Congress as an innocent leader of the Anti-Nazi resistance. Almost everything the Justice Department has ever told Congress about Nazis in America has been a conscious and deliberate lie. The hunt for Nazi war criminals has been a mere public relations effort to placate Jews and WWII veterans. It gets worse."


Loftus and Aarons write: "The real story of George Bush starts well before he launched his own career.  It goes back to the 1920s, when the Dulles brothers and the other pirates of Wall Street were making their deals with the Nazis. . . "
        "George W.H. Bush's problems were inherited from his namesake and maternal grandfather, George Herbert 'Bert' Walker, a native of St. Louis, who founded the banking and investment firm of G. H. Walker and Company in 1900.  Later the company shifted from St. Louis to the prestigious address of 1 Wall Street. . .

It is interesting to note that Fritz Thyssen, the most important single financial and industrial supporter of Adolf Hitler from 1924 through 1939.  gave up all his properties in Germany in 1939 when his conscience moved him to renounce Hitler and he fled the country.  Yet his American banking partners, George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush, who had been helping to finance Hitler's rise to power since 1924 continued to do so for another three years, until the U.S. government closed them down for "trading with the enemy" in 1942.

"Walker was one of Hitler's most powerful financial supporters in the United States.  The relationship went all the way back to 1924, when Fritz Thyssen, the German industrialist, was financing Hitler's infant NAZI party.  As mentioned in earlier chapters, there were American contributors as well.
       "Some Americans were just bigots and made their connections to Germany through Allen Dulles's firm of Sullivan and Cromwell because they supported Fascism.  The Dulles brothers, who were in it for profit more than ideology, arranged American investments in NAZI Germany in the 1930s to ensure that their clients did well out of the German economic recovery. . .
       "Sullivan & Cromwell was not the only firm engaged in funding Germany.  According to 'The Splendid Blond Beast,' Christopher Simpson's seminal history of the politics of genocide and profit, Brown Brothers, Harriman was another bank that specialized in investments in Germany.  The key figure was Averill Harriman, a dominating figure in the American establishment. . .
       "The firm originally was known as W. A. Harriman & Company.  The link between Harriman & Company's American investors and Thyssen started in the 1920s, through the Union Banking Corporation, which began trading in 1924.  In just one three-year period, the Harriman firm sold more than $50 million of German bonds to American investors.  'Bert' Walker was Union Banking's president, and the firm was located in the offices of Averill Harriman's company at 39 Broadway in New York.

G.W.B. at Auscwitz

"In 1926 Bert Walker did a favor for his new son-in-law, Prescott Bush.  It was the sort of favor families do to help their children make a start in life, but Prescott came to regret it bitterly.  Walker made Prescott vice president of W. A. Harriman.  The problem was that Walker's specialty was companies that traded with Germany.  As Thyssen and the other German industrialists consolidated Hitler's political power in the 1930s, an American financial connection was needed.  According to our sources, Union Banking became an out-and-out NAZI money-laundering machine. . .
       "In [1931], Harriman & Company merged with a British-American investment company to become Brown Brothers, Harriman.  Prescott Bush became one of the senior partners of the new company, which relocated to 59 Broadway, while Union Banking remained at 39 Broadway.  But in 1934 Walker arranged to put his son-in-law on the board of directors of Union Banking.
       "Walker also set up a deal to take over the North American operations of the Hamburg-Amerika Line, a cover for I.G. Farben's NAZI espionage unit in the United States.  The shipping line smuggled in German agents, propaganda, and money for bribing American politicians to see things Hitler's way.  The holding company was Walker's American Shipping & Commerce, which shared the offices at 39 Broadway with Union Banking.  In an elaborate corporate paper trail, Harriman's stock in American Shipping & Commerce was controlled by yet another holding company, the Harriman Fifteen Corporation, run out of Walker's office.  The directors of this company were Averill Harriman, Bert Walker, and Prescott Bush. . .
       ". . . In a November 1935 article in Common Sense, retired Marine General Smedley D. Butler blamed Brown Brothers, Harriman for having the U.S. marines act like 'racketeers' and 'gangsters' in order to exploit financially the peasants of Nicaragua. . .  [ check out this powerful essay by America's most decorated marine to that date.]
       ". . .  A 1934 congressional investigation alleged that Walker's 'Hamburg-Amerika Line subsidized a wide range of pro-NAZI propaganda efforts both in Germany and the United States.' Walker did not know it, but one of his American employees, Dan Harkins, had blown the whistle on the spy apparatus to Congress.  Harkins, one of our best sources, became Roosevelt's first double agent . . .  [and] kept up the pretense of being an ardent NAZI sympathizer, while reporting to Naval Intelligence on the shipping company's deals with NAZI intelligence.
       "Instead of divesting the NAZI money," continue the authors, "Bush hired a lawyer to hide the assets.  The lawyer he hired had considerable expertise in such underhanded schemes.  It was Allen Dulles.  According to Dulles's client list at Sullivan & Cromwell, his first relationship with Brown Brothers, Harriman was on June 18, 1936.  In January 1937 Dulles listed his work for the firm as 'Disposal of Stan [Standard Oil] Investing stock.'
       "As discussed in Chapter 3, Standard Oil of New Jersey had completed a major stock transaction with Dulles's NAZI client, I.G. Farben.  By the end of January 1937 Dulles had merged all his cloaking activities into one client account: 'Brown Brothers Harriman-Schroeder Rock.' Schroeder, of course, was the NAZI bank on whose board Dulles sat.  The 'Rock' were the Rockefellers of Standard Oil, who were already coming under scrutiny for their NAZI deals.  By May 1939 Dulles handled another problem for Brown Brothers, Harriman, their 'Securities Custodian Accounts.'
       "If Dulles was trying to conceal how many NAZI holding companies Brown Brothers, Harriman was connected with, he did not do a very good job.  Shortly after Pearl Harbor, word leaked from Washington that affiliates of Prescott Bush's company were under investigation for aiding the Nazis in time of war. . .
       ". . . The government investigation against Prescott Bush continued.  Just before the storm broke, his son, George, abandoned his plans to enter Yale and enlisted in the U.S. Army.  It was, say our sources among the former intelligence officers, a valiant attempt by an eighteen-year-old boy to save the family's honor.
       "Young George was in flight school in October 1942, when the U.S. government charged his father with running NAZI front groups in the United States.  Under the Trading with the Enemy Act, all the shares of the Union Banking Corporation were seized, including those held by Prescott Bush as being in effect held for enemy nationals.  Union Banking, of course, was an affiliate of Brown Brothers, Harriman, and Bush handled the Harrimans' investments as well.
       "Once the government had its hands on Bush's books, the whole story of the intricate web of NAZI front corporations began to unravel.  A few days later two of Union Banking's subsidiaries – the Holland American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation – also were seized.  Then the government went after the Harriman Fifteen Holding Company, which Bush shared with his father-in-law, Bert Walker, the Hamburg-Amerika Line, and the Silesian-American Corporation.  the U.S. government found that huge sections of Prescott Bush's empire had been operated on behalf of NAZI Germany and had greatly assisted the German war effort."

Allen Dulles


Allen W. Dulles

Chief Architect of U.S.-NAZI business and spy networks
5th Director of CIA




John Foster Dulles

Secretary of State

  • spy at the U.S. embassy in Bern, Switzerland, collecting political data for the State Department on Germany and the Austro-Hungarian empire (1916-1918)
  • member, U.S. staff, Versailles Peace Conference (1918-1922)
  • head, State Department's Near East Affairs division (1922-27)
  • worked with brother John Foster Dulles, as lawyer and international finance specialist for Sullivan & Cromwell, a Wall Street law firm in New York (1927-1941).  While there, he worked with top NAZI industrialists and played a pivotal role in promoting U.S.-NAZI corporate relations. Allen worked with Prescott Bush (grandfather of President George Walker Bush) and George Herbert Walker (Prescott's father-in-law) who ran Union Banking Corporation for the Nazis.  Allen was legal counsel for Standard Oil and the Nazi's I. G. Farben, co-owned by the Rockefellers.  (Other U.S. millionaires allied to the Nazis were: William Randolph Hearst Sr., Andrew Mellon, Irenee du Pont, Henry Ford and J.P. Morgan. Morgan, du Pont and others were even involved in a Fascist plot to overthrow the U.S. government in 1934.) (see Great-Liberal-Insights.Org/a_Secular_Issue/FDRcoup.html)
  • President Roosevelt, realizing Dulles was a traitor, had his New York "Office of Coordinator of Information" wiretapped (1941-42).  Some Dulles-linked firms, like Bush's Union Banking Corp., were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act (1942)
  • Berne station chief, Office of Strategic Services (1942-1945).  Roosevelt's plan to charge Dulles with treason failed when Dulles was warned and covered his tracks (1944).  Roosevelt's plan died with him (1945). 
  • as OSS station chief in Berlin, Dulles negotiated the agreement with General Reinhard Gehlen to establish a NAZI spy network within the OSS (1945).
  • Dulles helped in the development of the CIA (1947), became its deputy director (1951) and its director (1953-1961).  He oversaw numerous covert operations, such as election rigging in Italy (1948), coups in Iran (1953) and Guatemala (1954) and many other notorious operations described in this issue.
  • When Union Banking Corp. was liquidated, Prescott Bush and George Herbert Walker received $1.5 million (1951)
  • was fired by President Kennedy after the failed invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs (1961)
  • as a member of the Warren Commission, he promoted the theory that a "lone gunman" assassinated John F. Kennedy (1963).
        "John Foster Dulles served as U.S. Secretary of State under President Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1953 to 1959. He was a significant figure in the early Cold War era, advocating an aggressive stance against communism around the world. He advocated support of the French in their war against the Viet Minh in Indochina. . . He also played a great part in the CIA operations to overthrow the democratic Mossadegh government of Iran in 1953 (Operation Ajax) and the democratic Arbenz government of Guatemala in 1954 (Operation PBsuccess)."

Were Bush's great-grandfather and grandfather Nazis?

How The Bush Family Made Its Fortune From The Nazis

Timeline of Treason: The Bush Family Connections To The Nazis


Nazis in the attic

We can't say we weren't warned:

first by Thomas Jefferson :
And then by Abraham Lincoln :

Bush family helped bankroll the Nazi war machine

More on the BUSH FAMILY's support
of Adolf Hitler's NAZI Germany

The Bush Family Photo & Bio Album

A Mother Jones investigation.   by Stephen Pizzo is a great illustration of how little knowledge the public has of the candidates who run for high office.  Despite this story which ran in Mother Jones Magazine in 1992, two of the Bush brothers have been elected governors in large states since then.  Three of the Bush boys built private fortunes by trading on their father's name, running with con men, lining their own pockets, and leaving financial ruin in their wake.
        For a lot more information about all the scary stuff hidden in those Bushes, check out :


( How four generations of arms, oil, fascism, and US Govt. defiance made America's First Family, by Charles Shaw `)   and
How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power by The Guardian (of London, England ), Sept. 25, 2004

when the Republican rewarded him by choosing him to run for, and win, the U.S. Senate seat from Connecticut. [ New Hampshire Gazette, 11/10/2003, ]

The Bushes have yet to divorce themselves from their NAZI past:
From the Streets of Little Beirut
By Glen Yeadon

"There were little warning signs but few were paying attention when George Bush the poppy ran for president in 1988 and 1992.  First during the campaign it surfaced that one of his campaign staffers was a distributor of pro-Nazi propaganda.  Before the ink was dry on the individual's resignation, further revelations showed there were in fact a number of ex-Nazis on Bush's campaign staff including Laszlo Pastor and Yaroslav Stetsko.  Pastor was a member of the Hungarian Arrow Cross during WWII and served as an envoy to Germany.  The Arrow Cross was known to be excessively brutal even to their Nazi allies.  Stetsko served as the prime minister of the short lived Ukrainian puppet government.  During the short reign of this puppet regime over 100,000 Jews were slaughtered in Lvov.  George Bush's insensitivity towards victims of the holocaust is underlined by his employment of Fred Malek, a well-known Nazi collaborator in both his presidential campaigns. "

Upon winning the presidential race, George W.H. Bush, placed his assets in a blind trust headed by his close friend William Stamps Farish III.  That appointment should have triggered alarm bells that something very dark and sinister is buried in the Bush family's past.  His grandfather William Stamps Farish sold the Japanese the gasoline used in the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Likewise, the elder Farish supplied Hitler’s war machine with oil and tetraethyl lead.  George Bush’s father, Prescott was close friends with the elder Farish and remained so even after the elder’s testimony before congress provoked Harry Truman to cry out "This is Treason."

Books the U.S. Media haven't read and/or never mention:

The whole Bush family's aversion to U.S. military service: