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I'm one liberal who's fed-up
with losing! How about you?

A smoker's lounge
with a unique ceiling :


We liberals identify so much with the underdog that it sometimes seems that we are programed to act as though it's our lot in life to be the perpetual underdogs when it comes to elections.  Although we desperately want to be right on the issues ideologically, we don't seem to know or care about translating ideological superiority into political superiority.  However ideologically and morally right we have been for decades on most of the political issues, we have let people as stupid, incompetent, and / or immoral as Nixon, Agnew, Reagan, Quail, Lott, Delay, Robertson, Falwell, Rove, "W" and a whole flock of other "chickenhawks" defeat us so regularly at the ballot box that these dumb and immoral people have now won the trifecta.  They have finally achieved their goal of adding the only branch of the Federal government that had eluded them for so long, the U.S. Supreme Court.
        Despite the fact that the majority of Americans agree with us liberals on the vast majority of issues, Conservatives have proven themselves shrewd enough to persuade a majority of the public to vote for Republicans.  Either that or they are shrewd enough to persuade Democratic politicians to let the votes be counted by Republican computer equipment which enables Republicans to win even if the public is trying to vote for the Democrats!  Either way, Democrats need to wise up. You may not think of Jesus as a politiician, but he was right on target when he said, " And the master commended the unjust steward, for being so shrewd (using his boss's money to cultivate future benefactors for himself) : for the children of this world are in their generation more clever than the children of light." (Luke 16:8)

People today may think that the smoking industry has always been a paper tiger.  But as someone born before World War II, let me assure you that for decades it seemed that no one would ever be able to lay a glove on the big tobacco companies.  For years they never lost a case in court.  They advertised their deadly products constantly and everywhere.  And that is why hundreds of thousands of your fellow Americans are still dying prematurely each and every year, and will continue to do so for years to come.
        But thanks to the persistence of many committed liberal activists, times have finally changed, as is illustrated in this picture of an area where smokers are allowed to endulge in their deadly habit: 

A 2005 Harris poll showed Americans divided as follows :

Cause FAVOR either
Strongly or Somewhat
OPPOSE either
Strongly or Somewhat
Medicare 96% 3%
Birth control 93% 4%
Condom use to prevent AIDS/STDs 92% 5%
Medicaid 91% 7%
Sex education in high school 87% 10%
Funding international HIV programs 87% 10%
Universal health insurance 75% 7%
Embryonic stem cell research 70% 19%
Funding international birth-control programs 70% 21%
Withdrawal of life systems/food
for those in vegetative state
68% 17%
Abortion centers 63% 32%
which shows that
these Americans should be
Liberals &
& Republicans
Here's the full Harris Interactive poll from which the above was taken.


It is clear that liberal Democrats definitely represent the majority opinion of the electorate. So why can't they translate that overwhelming majority into success on election day? One of the biggest reasons for the defeat of liberals in the past is their inability to join anybody else's movement. Few of us are content to be indians; we all want to be chiefs. While It's part of the conservative psyche to want to be told "the truth" by some leader and what to do about it, we liberals can't imagine ourselves doing anything but telling everybody else what to do and where to go.. Only when we liberals decide to agree to act together - as conservatives do by their very nature - will we succeed in translating the superiority of our ideas into political victory.



Whether it be Move On, the Democratic Party or some other agency, what if some liberal entity were to set the following strategy into motion ?
        A large number of progressive organizations representing the whole range of progressive causes need to be persuaded to join in a single umbrella organization ("a more perfect union"), with the following crucial provisions:

  1. the super group needs to concentrate all of its efforts on no more than two or three goals at a time.
  2. all of the groups must pledge to make the super organization's current goals a top priority.
  3. each group needs to contribute funds in proportion to its own income.
  4. each group should have as many votes as it has members.
  5. the current goals should be selected as follows:
    • two to be selected by vote of the partipating groups (thereby motivating large organizations to be enthused about the effort).
    • a third to be selected by chance (thereby motivating many small organizations to be enthused about the effort)
  6. If special opportunities arose to impact a goal not currently among the top three, although the members of all of the groups would not be required to act, they should be informed of any action they might undertake if they so chose,

Just imagine if, instead of going it alone in dozens of different directions and usually being defeated, the membership of a great number of advocacy groups now fighting unsuccessfully in their own little corners for women's rights, for seniors, for children, for racial and/or religious minorities, for GLBT's, for peace, for the environment, for workers, for prison-reform, for civilian review of policing. for government reform, for universal healthcare, for sensible drug policies, and liberal Christians like us, etc., etc., all concentrated their efforts and resources on achieving all of their goals one success at a time !


The scattered rays of the sun will warm your hand only slightly, but see what a difference it makes if you use a magnifying glass to concentrate those rays on one spot. Ouch ! That's what awaits you, Mr. Rove.

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