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The Shameful Record of
Republican Personal Immorality
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of   Republican political corruption

Before creating this webpage, which I have dedicated specifically to matters of "immorality", which so many Americans take to mean sexual immorality, I created two webpages that deal with political corruption as well as personal immorality. See the links to those pages in the box above.
        It seems like only yesterday that I was spending tons of time assembling all the information on these pages. But I couldn't keep up that pace to update these pages because there seemed to be no end to the amount of immorality the Republican Party could produce. But although I stopped updating this web page, the G O P hasn't changed much. So what was true a few years ago is still true today, with new names and places, but the same old, same old. (but I'll do at least a little updating in the section below).

More recent examples:

    Things were bad enough in "the good old days", when the GOP at least pretended to value morality. But ever since that party was taken over by Donald J. Trump, he has had charlatan evangelical leaders flock to the White House to apparently witness his version of "baptism", flushing the good book down his golden toilet. And Republican women are now as shameless as the men!


    In the past, making the case for the immorality of the Republican Party required the presentation of lots of evidence, like the numerous examples of immorality that I assembled over the years and catalogued below.

  • Ralph Shortey, an Oklahoma state senator, the country Coordinator for the Trump Campaign, a 'Family Values' Republican with a wife and four children, is facing life in prison after pleading guilty to child sex-trafficking (with a 17 year-old boy)
  • Wes Goodman was a Republican state representative in Ohio who consistently touted his faith and his anti-LGBT stances had to resign after being caught having sex with a man in his office, despite living with a wife at his home. (Nov., 2017)

Conservatives promote the idea that Democrats should hang their heads in shame over people like Larry Flint, a publisher of pornography, just because such people may have revealed that they vote Democratic.  But political parties can't control or be responsible for those who vote for their party's candidatesWhat parties can control is whom they endorse to run under their banner for any public office.  And the Democratic Party doesn't promote people like Larry Flint for public office. Contrast that to the kinds of people the Republican Party regularly selects for positions of leadership in their party, the kind highlighted on this page.

Republican "Paragons of Virtue"
Section I - at the National level :

Here's an interesting article from "Pat & Jerry Country":
"Convicted sex offender wins 'Republican of the Year' award",
by Matthew Roy, The Virginian-Pilot ©
February 13, 2002

Suffolk,VA – "previous commitment will keep a Suffolk man from traveling to Washington, D.C., to accept a Republican of the Year award: He's serving a 26-year state prison sentence.

Spokesmen for the National Republican Congressional Committee, an arm of the Republican National Committee that raises millions of dollars to elect GOP candidates to the U.S. House of Representatives, acknowledged Tuesday that convicted sex offender Mark A. Grethen was invited to accept the award at its Business Advisory Council's luncheon in March. U.S Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., chairs the NRCC. . . The award was rescinded after the NRCC learned that Grethen, 44, a former businessman, was convicted last year of six sex crimes involving children – two counts each of forcible sodomy, aggravated sexual battery and indecent liberties.  He is in the Deep Meadow Correctional Center, and his projected release date is Sept. 25, 2024."

{ www.pilotonline.com/news/nw0213per.html for the original article.)

Section II - at the State or Local Levels:

Oh, how "Pro Life" those Republicans are !

The man who sang the national anthem at the Republican conventions of 1980 & 1984 wasn't tapped for that prestigious opportunity simply because of his good looks and magnificent voice.  LarryKingJrLawrence E. King, Jr. was also a bank chairman who was chosen to lead the Grand Old Party's nationwide attempt to lure African American voters back to "the party of Lincoln".  King, however, lost his own ability to vote for his Republican friends when he was sent to prison for 15 years after getting caught stealing 40 or so million dollars from his depositors.
        He is pictured to the left both before and after his imprisonment.


According to propagandamatrix.com/141003conspiracyofsilence.html, however, he and a several of other people in very high places have yet to be prosecuted for much worse crimes, namely for procuring young boys and girls for sexual abuse by high class child-molesters.