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The Record of Republican Corruption :
[ What kind of "Christian" imagines that
Jesus Christ would associate with
any part of this party? ]

This Page 1 deals with GOP Corruption at the National level
See Page 2   for GOP corruption at the State and Local levels.








Where would the G O P be,
without the support of its herds
of misinformed people
all over the country, like these ?


When we first created this page in the early 2000's, we thought that we could make Republican supporters ashamed of themselves for supporting a political party that was capable of producing so many corrupt and/or immoral politicians. Ever since the advent of Donald J. Trump, however, it has become obvious that the vast majority of the Republican Party's membership no longer has any shame. There is no lie and/or slander uttered by Donald Trump or their other leaders that these people will hesitate to applaud and repeat, nor any level of immorality that they won't condone by their silence.
        And so, as of August of 2017, instead of listing the leaders of the Republican Party that its members should be ashamed of supporting, we are going to list the relatively few leaders of the "Grand Old Party" who have proven that it's still possible in this day and age for Republicans to distinguish right from wrong and to divorce themselves from the massive corruption that has taken over this party.

Guess which has been
"the most corrupt administration in U. S. history."

Informed Americans, as opposed to those who get their news and political education from the "fair and balanced" sources like Fox News, know that the contenders have all been all Conservative administrations, which for the past 70 years has meant "Republican", but in the century prior to that were more likely to be conservative "Democratic" administrations.

Our worst presidents ( prior to 2000 ),
according to Historians :

  • Andrew Johnson = Conserv. Dem.
  • Franklin Pierce = Conserv. Dem.
  • James Buchanan = Conserv. Dem.
  • Warren G. Harding = Conserv. GOP.
  • Calvin Coolidge = Conserv. GOP.
  • Richard M. Nixon = Moderate GOP.

While posing as paragons of virtue and truth, conservative Republicans claim that Bill Clinton's administration was "the most corrupt administration in American history", despite the fact that history contradicts everything about that statement.  It may be hard to order them exactly, but here are the contenders for the first, second, third & fourth "most corrupt administrations in American history".   ( I wanted to include only instances of current corruption on this site, but because of the charge by conservatives and/or Republicans that the Clinton administration was "the most corrupt in U. S. history", I have had to go back in history to show what really corrupt administrations were actually like.)

  • Here's a web page devoted to the corruption of the two Ulysses S. Grant Republican administrations :
    www.u-s-history.com/pages/h234.html :
            "The frequency of these events led to the use of the term "Grantism", a word synonymous with greed and corruption.  Many people at the time speculated that money from these ventures was being funneled into Republican Party coffers.  These unsavory dealings led to the establishment of a more moral "liberal." Republican Party.
  • And here's the way one site about Warren Harding summarized that Republican administration:
            "The Harding administration is infamous not only for the Tea Pot Dome Scandal but for the general corruption of his administration.  He was most unprepared to be President even though he had served in the state senate, as Lieutenant Governor, Governor, and Senator from Ohio.  He did not have the physical stamina or the strong character required for leadership in the White House.  Like U.S. Grant's administration, blind party politics and bad appointments led to vast corruption."
    [ from www.shakerwssg.org/warren_g_hardingmarion_ohio.htm - which is no longer operational-.
            Republican Calvin Coolidge, who had become president upon Harding's death, attempted to tar both parties, but it wouldn't wash; the corruption was strictly Republican. Republicans had tried repeatedly to shut the investigations down, and nearly succeeded, aided by public apathy. [ Read "The Teapot Dome Scandal, How Big Oil Bought the Harding White House and Tried to Steal the Country" by Laton McCartney, published 8 April 2008 ]

  • Unlike the efforts of the Republican Party and the so-called "liberal" media to make mountains out of molehills, $ 60,000,000 or tax-payer money, any number of FBI agents and reporters, and 3 years of relentless investigations by both the media and the government ultimately showed that there was nothing in the Clinton administration that could compare with the true scandals of the Nixon administration, in which Spiro Agnew became the first and only U.S. vice president to resign in disgrace (on October 10, 1973), and Richard M. Nixon only avoided impeachment the following year by becoming the first and only U.S. president to resign in disgrace.
  • Then, after a brief reprieve, with one of the most pious and moral Christian presidents ever, Jimmy Carter, the Republican Party gave us the Ronald Reagan / George Bush team.

    The massive corruption of
    the Reagan / Bush administrations

            By the end of Reagan's two terms, 138 officials in his administration had either been convicted, indicted, or had been the subject of official investigations for official misconduct and/or criminal violations.  "In terms of number of officials involved, the record of his administration was the worst ever."
            The corruption of the Reagan and Bush administrations was so massive, and so under-reported, that it requires several separate web pages unto themselves to expose it, beginning with Great-Liberal-Insights.Org/Reagan.html, and followed by

    The Bush heritage :
    Bush Family Scandals
    George W. Bush's scandals

The Republicans / conservatives talked about the need to elect George W. Bush in order to restore honor, dignity, ethics and morality to the White House.  Hmmm, let's take a look at the so-called honor, dignity, ethics and morality of George W., his brothers, his father and those who served in the Reagan administration :

George Walker Bush

Reaped $14 million from selling his $600,000 stake in a deal that involved the building of a new stadium for the Texas Rangers.  George profited handsomely while taxpayers were stiffed for the money to subsidize Bush and his investment partners.
www.realchange.org/bushjr.htm#rangersA Big Slice of the Texas Rangers for a Little Money (and a Big Profit)

See much, much more about G. W. Bush's record of shame at

Jesus walked on water.

Bush and Trump walked on Jesus!

As the ruthless campaign manager and GOP chairman of the 70's and 80's, Lee Atwater did for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan's and George Bush Sr's what Karl Rove did for George W. Bush. When he was stricken with brain cancer in 1991, however, he had a deathbed conversion and said :

"My illness helped me to see that what was missing in society is what was missing in me: a little heart, a lot of brotherhood. The '80s were about acquiring acquiring wealth, power, prestige. I know. I acquired more wealth, power, and prestige than most. But you can acquire all you want and still feel empty. What power wouldn't I trade for a little more time with my family? What price wouldn't I pay for an evening with friends? It took a deadly illness to put me eye to eye with that truth, but it is a truth that the country, caught up in its ruthless ambitions and moral decay, can learn on my dime. I don't know who will lead us through the '90s, but they must be made to speak to this spiritual vacuum at the heart of American society, this tumor of the soul." (in a February 1991 article for Life Magazine )

"I was wrong to follow the meanness of Conservatism. I should have been trying to help people instead of take advantage of them. I don't hate anyone anymore. For the first time in my life I don't hate somebody. I have nothing but good feelings toward people. I've found Jesus Christ – It's that simple. He's made a difference."
        One of the worst examples of the corruption of the administration of Bush II was the firing of many Republican federal prosecutors because they were not partisan enough and actually concerned with being just in their prosecution responsibilities. Here an excellent article about the most outspoken of these decent fired public servants : www.signonsandiego.com/news/features/20080623-9999-1c23iglesias.html.

Jeb Bush
        Defaulted on a $4,56 million loan from Broward Federal Savings in Sunrise, Florida.  After federal regulators closed the S&L, the office building that gave Jeb used that loan, the $4.56 million to finance was reappraised by the regulators to $.5 million, which Bush and his partners paid, thereby leaving the taxpayers with a $4 million LOSS.
Neil Bush

        Neil was director of Silverado Banking, Savings and Loan in Denver.  After the S&L lent Bush and his partners over $200 million in loans for JNB Exploration, Neil's unsuccessful oil company, Neil's partners welshed on $132 million in loans, partly resulting in the failure of the S&L. Federal regulators determined that Neil was completely dependent on his partners for his income.  The S&L's failure cost taxpayers $1 billion.
        It is absolutely astounding how uninformed the American "information media" has been keeping the people of America.  Else the Bush family would be trying to hide their connections to "George Herbert Walker" and "Prescott Bush", instead of keeping the memory of these scoundrels alive by proudly displaying their names within their own, ( as in "George Herbert Walker Bush" and "George Walker Bush" and Jeb's Son, "George Prescott Bush").  Read all about these business associates and supporters of Adolf Hitler, whose banking firm was seized and shut down during the course of World War II in order to stop its trading with (and supporting the NAZI) enemy of the United States!  And unsuspecting Americans continue to imagine that the mainstream media is controlled by liberals!!!

Which of these Republicans
could have fooled   YOU ?

Bush vs. Bundy

"Bundy worked on the re-election campaign of Washington's Republican Governor Dan Evans. Evans was elected and he appointed Bundy to the Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Committee. Bundy's political future seemed secure, when in 1973 he became assistant to Ross Davis, chairman of the Washington State Republican Party. It was a good time in Bundy's life. He had a girlfriend, his old girlfriend was once again in love with him, and his footing in the political arena was strong."
from crime.about.com/od/serial/p/tedbundy.htm.

        "He was a handsome, charming, urbane and extrovert graduate, who did charity work and campaigned for the Republican Party in the USA .  Ted Bundy did not fit the bill as a prolific serial killer.  And that was his great advantage.  Friends, relatives and even detectives instinctively shied away from following up their suspicions about him.  The women he killed also did not suspect a thing until it was too late" . . .  from

Republicans and Democrats
NOT equally guilty of "dirty tricks"

It's not surprising that many Americans mistakenly believe that "both parties do it" because the so-called "liberal media" which is owned and operated by conservative corporations does so much to promote and reinforce that view, despite the lack of any evidence to support it. Here are many examples of this campaign of misinformation:
        Several recent media reports have baselessly asserted in recent weeks that Republicans and Democrats equally engage in campaign "tricks" or smears. But to support their assertions, they typically provided only or predominantly examples of Republicans' activities, with scant or no examples of Democrats' actions:
        For example, anchor John Seigenthaler Jr. introduced a segment on "dirty tricks" in political campaigns during the October 28 edition of NBC's Nightly News by asserting that "as the election draws near, this turns into the season when dirty tricks can come into play," but "[n]either Republicans nor Democrats can claim the high ground when it comes to these hardball tactics." But as Media Matters documented, the subsequent report by NBC News senior investigative correspondent Lisa Myers provided no evidence of Democratic "dirty tricks." Instead, Myers's report focused only on "Republican operative" Allen Raymond, who was convicted for his involvement in a criminal operation to jam state Democratic Party phone lines in New Hampshire on Election Day in 2002. Similarly, on the October 25 broadcast of ABC News' Nightline, co-anchor Terry Moran asserted that "both sides are playing a serious game of hardball" with "mudslinging" attack ads hitting "below the belt." However, as Media Matters noted, Moran's report provided no examples of Democratic-sponsored attack ads being aired that match the level of distortion and personal attack found in the Republican commercials – commercials that have garnered wide media attention and been broadly condemned, both for their inaccuracies and their ugly personal attacks.
        Other media reports have attempted to fill the evidentiary void by asserting that, despite their lack of evidence of Democratic shenanigans, they're either going to do it (ABC News) or just haven't been caught yet (Slate's John Dickerson).
        Also, as Media Matters noted, on the November 1 edition MSNBC's Decision 2006: Battleground America, MSNBC correspondent David Shuster invited viewers to vote on the "nastiest" campaign advertisement among the "the five nastiest ads" culled by Shuster. However, Shuster's focus on "nastiness]" obscured questions about the advertisements' accuracy. Though Shuster briefly discussed the context of the ads, he lumped accurate and inaccurate advertisements together in his top five. In fact, while Shuster suggested that two of the three Republican advertisements in his list of five contain misleading or baseless claims, he included them with two Democratic advertisements that are based on reported facts."

        Here is the analysis made by the impartial FactCheck.org of
www.factcheck.org/article231.htmlhe "swift-boating" of U.S. Navy hero, John Kerry.

"A study by University of Missouri professor emeritus Donald Shields presented at last week's House Judiciary Committee hearings on selective prosecutions shows that Democrats have been investigated more than five times as often as Republicans since George W. Bush became president." (from www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601039&refer=columnist_carlson&sid=aV1t6kchthpM )

Exxon & American Enterprise Institute bribing scientists to dispute U.N. climate study:

"Scientists and economists have been offered $10,000 each by a lobby group funded by one of the world's largest oil companies to undermine a major climate change report due to be published today.
        Letters sent by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), an ExxonMobil-funded thinktank with close links to the Bush administration, offered the payments for articles that emphasise the shortcomings of a report from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)."

Mencken Not GOP

Nations with the
least corrupt governments:

Funny how the world's most liberal countries
tend to be the ones with the least corruption !
Rank      Country
 1 Finland & Iceland & New Zealand (tied)
 4 Denmark
 5 Singapore
 6 Sweden
 7 Switzerland
 8 Norway
 9 Australia & Netherlands (tied)
11 Austria & Luxembourg & United Kingdom (tied)
14 Canada
15 Hong Kong
16 Germany
17 Japan
18 France & Ireland (tied)
20 Belgium & Chile &
the USA (under the GOP) (tied)
and the "holier than thou" they are (conservative, and Catholic, for example),
the less likely they are to be high on the list of political integrity !
See www.transparency.org/news_room/in_focus/cpi_2006/cpi_table.

More recent examples:

  • [immorality:] Tim Murphy (R-Penn), 65 yr. old Congressman since 2002, cheated on his wife with Shannon Edwards, a woman half his age, who then revealed that this Pro-Life champion pressured her to have an abortion. Murphy was a member of the House Pro-Life Caucus and was a co-sponsor of a bill approved to bans most abortion after 20 weeks.
  • [immorality:] Wes Goodman was An Ohio Republican Representative state legislator, who consistently touted his faith and his anti-LGBT stances was forced to resign after being caught having sex with a man in his office. (Nov., 2017)
  • [corruption & immorality:] A Wall St. tycoon named, Elliott Broidy, once made $17 million, as a result of "investing" nearly $1 million in bribes to four top officials in the New York State Comptroller's office. In 2009, those four officials were convicted of accepting those bribes and were sent to prison, but Broidy escaped punishment for having bribed them by "ratting out" his partners in that crime. So instead of going to jail, Trump and Co. made this same Elliott Broidy a deputy finance chairman of the Trump campaign and then of the Republican National Committee in 2017 & 2018.
            Broidy resigned from his RNC role in April 2018 after the Wall Street Journal reported that he had been a party to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with former Playboy Playmate Shera Bechard, paying $1.6 million for her silence about a sexual affair between them (involving his demand that she abort the pregnancy he had caused). [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elliott_Broidy]
  • [immorality:] Dennis Hof, a brothel owner and reality television star, died on Oct. 16. Yet the voters in a strong Trump district still preferred him over a living Democrat to represent them in the Nevada State Assembly.
  • GOP_pimp.png

Democrats have succeeded over the years in helping many, though not all unfortunate Americans to escape their deplorable conditions, with programs such as WIC, child labor laws, public school education through high school, Medicaid, minimum wage laws, the G I Bill of Rights, Social Security, Tennessee Valley (power) Authority, Rural Electrification Act, SNAP, civil rights, Affirmative Action and the protection of all kinds of threatened minorities, Medicare and Social Security, as I have laid out at my Democratic achievements page , which shows how inspired by the teaching of Jesus that party has been over the past century.
        But there's no guarantee that that huge number of benefits that liberal Democrats have achieved for the people of America will survive the kind of take-over of America's government that the country has not seen since the years that led up to the first great depression in the 1920's.
        We have a new collection of web pages called "WhatWouldJesusThink.info", that shows how mis-informed and how truly un-Christian those so-called "Christian conservative" leaders are who have been supporting the greed-promoting Republican Party over the past century, instead of the generosity-promoting Democratic Party. If these leaders had ever read the bible they wave around so much, they would know what I lay out so clearly and forcefully at GodvsGreed and Jesus' challenge that both the Old and New Testaments are totally against greed. But instead of embracing and promoting what the bible teaches, they have been embracing and promoting the very opposite, and have now succeeded in enthroning in the most powerful political position in the world the very epitome of greed, Donald J. Trump!

the Republican Party's REAL spiritual leader

They can give all the lip-service they like to Jesus Christ, but the beliefs that the leaders of the Republican Party follow and promote day in and day out come straight from the gospel of the mother of atheistic libertarianism, Ayn Rand, as I show at JesusChristvsAynRand.html.   And Rand's overriding mission in life was the overthrow of the teaching of Jesus and the bible that the two greatest principles in life ought to be loving God above all else and loving our fellow man as much as we love ourselves.

Republican "Paragons of Virtue"
in High National Offices :

The picture below is a screen-shot of |an excellent interactive web page that shows all of the detail that you might weant to dig into regarding all of the people in this picture. TrumpAdminDepartures

The logical place to start might be at the top, namely corruption at the presidential level.  But since it's corruption in Congress that is on people's minds these days, despite my view that it is a more serious matter than corruption of Congressmen, I've moved my section on corruption in the White House to the bottom of this page.

Until fairly recently, whenever "Republican corruption" (in quotes) was Googled, this very web site was one that consistently comes up very near the top of the thousands of sites reported. But that has changed since so many bigger players have jumped onto this band-wagon.

Why THIS is one of the best
sites on Republican corruption:

Unlike many of the other Republican Party corruption lists, I've taken pains to include only fairly significant and definite entries. And when it's brought to my attention that there are good reasons to remove some examples from the list, I don't hesitate to do so. While I cover both the federal and the state & local level, I devote this first page to the former, and a second page to the latter. I've distinguished between personal "immorality" and political "corruption", (which don't bother everyone equally).  For those interested specifically in sexual misconduct, I've created a separate page featuring only the instances of "sexual immorality", ( as opposed to this page, which covers both corruption and immorality).
      Click here to see other "Liberals Like Christ" pages achieving top billing by Google.

Before I present the myriad of examples of Republican corruption that I have collected over the years, please note the contrast between the type of evidence that you will see here and that offered by conservative critics of Democrats.  Because there are so few examples of really serious malfeasance on the part of high-ranking liberal Democrats, when conservative spokespeople like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and David Horowitz try to produce lists to compare with mine, they have to resort to padding their list with relative "nobodies", i.e. low-ranking Democratic functionaries who are not at all representative of the party as a whole.
      Note also that when these conservatives quote emails that they have supposedly received from "liberals" to supposedly prove how awful liberals are, they treat the public as too stupid to know that such emails prove nothing at all because #1) such emails could have been produced by anybody, including these very conservatives themselves and #2) a party can only be responsible for what its leaders and official representatives do.
      What you will find here on my site, by contrast, are verified instances of public malfeasance by well-known public figures - not relatively insignificant members - of the Republican Party, people chosen by Republicans to represent, and perhaps even lead their party.
        It took me so long time to assemble all of this information that I got tired of trying to update it all the time. But unless and until this party changes radically, it is likely to keep on choosing the same kind of people to represent it, and carry out its flawed agendas.

Corrupt members of the U.S. Senate :

  • [corruption:]  Interim senator from Mississippi Roger Wicker. When Trent Lott resigned in 2007, his state's Republican Gov. Haley Barbour (the former RNC chair) replaced him temporarily with Congressman Wicker. Now that the public will have make their choice of candidates for that office in the upcoming elections, the state's Republican Governor and Secretary of State are so fearful that the people of Mississippi might choose the Democratic candidate over their G O P candidate that they have created an illegal ballot on which the candidates for the U.S. Senate race are buried after all the local and minor races, in the hope that many voters will not bother to vote in races they consider inconsequential to them and their Republican incumbent will win by default.
  • [corruption:]  Recent Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, heart surgeon, hospital chain owner, and winner of the "Hall of Shame " award for 1997, 1998 and 1999.
            Senator Bill Frist" took money from the tobacco industry, $23,000 so far (Source Center for Responsive Politics at URL http://www.crp.org/tob96/tobacco91-96.htm ).  He gives good return to the industry for their investment in him, by voting in their interests in most instances.
            Public Citizen gives Frist a rating of 13% [ the ideal being 100% ] on tobacco issues. . .
            When Republican Senators killed the McCain Bill (S1415) which, properly amended, would have been a powerful force to reduce the damage tobacco does to our society, Frist voted in favor of the tobacco industry on 12 out of 14 votes, for a cumulative score of 14%.  That's a failing grade in any school !  Public Citizen has since discontinued its http://www.citizen.org/tobacco/mcpac.htm page.

    "In 2004 alone. . ., according to the Center for Public Integrity, Telephone companies spent $71.97 million; cable and satellite TV corporations, $20.22 million.
        The drug industry during the same period shelled out $123 million to pay 1,291 lobbyists, 52 percent of them former government officials. The results have been direct: The Food and Drug Administration has been reduced to a hollow shell, and Medicare can't negotiate lower drug costs with pharmaceutical companies. In the 2004 election cycle, the drug industry paid out $87 million in campaign contributions for federal officials, 69 percent of them flowing to Republicans.

    So what's the big deal?  75% of senators, Republican and Democrat, took money from tobacco companies for decades.
            The big deal is that [in addition to being elected to be a representative of the public,] Bill Frist is a doctor!  Not only is he a doctor, he is a thoracic surgeon!  Thoracic surgeons have more personal experience with the suffering of patients with tobacco caused diseases than most other physicians.  They are the best, and often the only, hope of cure for patients suffering from tobacco caused diseases, including coronary artery disease, lung cancer, stroke, aortic aneurysm, peripheral artery disease and emphysema.  Frist was actually a super-specialist who transplanted new lungs into emphysema sufferers.  The senator is a very bright man; a Harvard man.  He can't claim ignorance of the fact that cigarettes cause 480,000 premature deaths in our country alone each year (not to mention the mounting number of deaths American tobacco is causing in other countries, now that their profits are being squeezed a little in the U.S.A.)
            Sen. Frist's unexplained resignation from the Senate, however, probably has more to do with the pending investigation into charges of "insider trading" regarding "the sale of shares of HCA Inc. held in a blind trust earlier this year, one month before a weak earnings report sparked a drop in the company's stock. Nashville, Tennessee-based HCA, the biggest U.S. hospital chain, was founded by Frist's father and brother."
    [ See bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=10000103&sid=aYyQPZcoBolY&refer=us ]

  • [corruption:]  Current GOP Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., "is pushing $25 million in earmarked federal funds for a British defense contractor that is under criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department and suspected by American diplomats of a longstanding, widespread pattern of bribery allegations." (Oct. 27, 2007) 
    See http://www.kentucky.com/454/story/214167.html .
  • [corruption:]  Senator John McCain likes to claim credit for rooting out the corruption of lobbyist Jack Abramoff to burnish his alleged "maverick" reformer image. Yeah, not so much. McCain's job was actually to limit the scope of the damage caused by Abramoff's lobbyist ties to GOP legislators and the White House.
  • [corruption:]  Presidential candidate, Sen. Fred Thompson's Adviser & Supporter is convicted criminal

    Republican presidential candidate Fred D. Thompson has been crisscrossing the country (in 2007) on a private jet lent to him by a businessman and close adviser who has a criminal record for drug dealing.
            Martin entered a plea of guilty to the sale of 11 pounds of marijuana in 1979; the court withheld judgment pending completion of his probation. He was charged in 1983 with violating his probation and with multiple counts of felony bookmaking, cocaine trafficking and conspiracy. He pleaded no contest to the cocaine-trafficking and conspiracy charges, which stemmed from a plan to sell $30,000 worth of the drug, and was continued on probation. "

            Of the U.S. senators who have been convicted of federal crimes over the years:
  • Sen. Joseph R. Burton, R-Kan., became the Senate's first convict in 1904.
  • Sen. John Hipple Mitchell, R-Ore., In 1905.
  • Sen. Truman H. Newberry, R-Mich., in 1919 (convictions later was overturned by Supreme Court dominated by Republicans),
  • Sen. Harrison A. Williams, D-N.J., in 1981
  • Sen. David F. Durenberger, R-Minn. in 1993 (pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor).

Conservatives promote the idea that Democrats should hang their heads in shame over people like Larry Flint, a publisher of pornography, if they reveal that they vote Democratic.  But political parties can't control or be responsible for those who vote for their party's candidatesWhat parties can control is whom they endorse to run under their banner for any public office.  And the Democratic Party doesn't promote people like Larry Flint for public office. Contrast that to the kinds of people the Republican Party regularly selects for positions of leadership in their party, people like :

  • [immorality:] Senator John Ensign of Nevada, another "family values" warrior who was in charge of getting more Republicans elected in 2008 had to admits to cheating on his wife with a campaign aide who was married to another Ensign staffer.
  • [immorality:] Was it wrong for Senator Larry Craig of Idaho to be a homosexual? Fewer and fewer people think so as time goes on. But the hypocrisy of condemning in others what you are secretly yourself is something that is just as despicable in our time as it always was.
  • [Both corruption & immorality:]

    In Connecticut, the holier-than-thou Republican party chose the mayor of one of the state's largest cities as its candidate for the U.S. Senate.  If Joe Lieberman had caved in to Republican demands in the year 2000 that he not run for relection to the Senate at the same time that he was running for the vice presidency, then our nation would have had a Republican Senator from Conn., named Philip Giordano at least until he was sentenced to serve his 38 year sentence in Federal prison as a result of the FBI investigating him for financial shenanigans and discovering in the process that this crooked, disgusting Republican office holder had been repeatedly molesting the 8 and ten year old daughter and niece of his prostitute-mistress (in the mayor's office among other places).
       There was more on this disgusting Republican office holder at : 1010wins.com, but it has since been removed.

  • [immorality:] Bob Packwood,, Senator (R-Ore.), resigned in 1995 under a threat of public senate hearings related to 10 female ex-staffers accusing him of sexual harassment.
  • [corruption:]  Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, the longest serving U. S. senator ever. Convicted on all 7 counts of falsifying official financial U.S. Senate reports. (See http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2007-07-31-stevens_N.htm Steven's son, Ben, was head of the Alaska state senate and under investigation for much more serious charges in Alaska).

AbeLincolln.GIF and as Abe Lincoln once said, "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."
HandsomeJesusFramed As Jesus of Nazareth taught, "you will know them by their fruits" (i.e. people give themselves away by their actions).


Corrupt members of
the U.S. House of Representatives :

  • [corruption:]  Leader of the House Republicans, Tom DeLay, has been the long time protector of promoters of slave labor, prostitution and abortion in a U.S. territory.   Yet in 2002, The D. James Kennedy Center for Christian Statesmanship named DeLay "Distinguished Christian Statesman of the year."  "The Texas congressman openly shares his faith and has voluntary Bible studies with his staff."   The corruption of House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay, was such that he was forced to resign from Congress when he was convicted of it in court and sentenced to several years in prison. When millions of dollars were spent on his behalf, however, he managed to stay out of prison and eventually have his convictions overturned in Texas courts, something most people could only dream of achieving.
  • [immorality:] According to L. H. Carter, reported to be one of Newt Gingrich's closest friends until a falling-out in 1979,  "Newt is amoral.  There isn't any right or wrong,  there isn't any conservative or liberal.  There's only what will work best for Newt Gingrich."
            Mary Kahn, wife of Mr. Gingrich's Congressional campaign manager during the 1970s said, "Newt uses people and then discards them as useless.  He really is a man with no conscience.  He just doesn't seem to care who he hurts or why." Keep those to quotes in mind as you read what Mr. Gingrich told the Washington Post on January 3, 1995:  "I have an enormous personal ambition.  I want to shift the entire planet.  And I am doing it."
  • [immorality:] When Henry Hyde (R-Illinois) was a mere state representative back home in Illinois, being a devout practicing Catholic husband and father of four sons, Hyde's affair didn't hamper his five (or seven) year affair with a married woman with three kids, an affair that continued even after the woman's husband, Fred Snodgrass, found out about it and demanded that Hyde leave his wife alone. 
            Yet, when this leader of the Clinton impeachment process in the Congress was asked how he felt about his own infidelity and the breaking up that family, he exonerated himself on the basis that it was "a youthful indiscretion" (committed in his early forties when he was not much younger than Clinton!).This same . "Mr. Roman Catholic Layman", who divorced his wife of 45 years in 1992, was the leading spokesman for the Catholic pro-life stance in the Congress.  
  • [immorality:] Bob Livingston (R-Louisiana) was about to replace Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House until he resigned in disgrace when it was revealed that he admitted to had been involved in several adulterous affairs, (while attempting to crucify Democratic President Clinton for having done much less)!
  • GOPcorruption
  • [corruption:]  Rick Renzi has been indicted (not convicted, as of early 2008) on charges he promised to support legislation in exchange for a land deal that netted the Arizona Republican more than $700,000, the Justice Department said Friday. (http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/02/22/renzi.indictment/) The 35-count indictment names Renzi, two other businessmen as defendants.
  • [immorality:] Bob Barr (R-Georgia): the principal sponsor of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, has been married three (or is it now four) times.  And at a party in 1992, Barr actually licked whipped cream off the breasts of two women, neither of them his current wife.  Now that's family values!
  • [immorality:] Bill Thomas (R-California):
    who is married, was having an affair with health care lobbyist Deborah Steelman, who steered huge campaign gifts to Thomas' war chest.  In an "open letter to friends and neighbors" (voters), Thomas did not deny the relationship, but said during his legislative career, "  . . .  Any personal failures of commitment or responsibility to my wife, family, or friends are just that, personal.  I have never traded a public responsibility for a personal one and I never will."
  • [immorality:] Dan Burton (R-Indiana):
            The Chairman of the House Government Reform & Oversight Committee.  He hates President Clinton so much that he publicly called him a "scumbag".  Following an expose, Burton was forced to admit that he fathered an out-of-wedlock child, a fact he denied for years.
            He has yet to admit, however, that during 38 years of marriage he has committed adultery with dozens of women, sexually assaulted others (including a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood), and kept mistresses on his campaign and public payrolls – to the tune of at least a half-million dollars.
  • [immorality:] Charles Canady (R-Florida), Judiciary Committee member.  A leading opponent of abortion, Canady lied to his constituents about his adulterous affair with Sharon Becker, which caused her divorce from Florida businessman Robert Becker.
  • [immorality:] Dick Armey (R-Texas): as an economics professor before entering Congress, was accused of sexually harassing female students, according to the Dallas Observer. 
  • [immorality:] John Peterson (R-Pennsylvania): has been accused of sexual harassment and hostile-work-environment claims by six women.
  • [immorality:] As chairman of the House transportation committee, Alaska Congressman Don Young received thousands of dollars from people who received millions of dollars of government money. (Results of investigations not in as of Nov. 2007. see http://www.mcclatchydc.com/226/story/21221.html & http://RepublicanCorruptioninAlaska.notlong.com )
  • [corruption:]  The State of S. Dakota is so sparsely settled that it has only one Congressman, "Wild Bill" Janklow, who has been elected by his Republican supporters for years either as Governor, Attorney General or Congressman.  Many Native Americans believe Janklow guilty of rape or sexual indecency on Jancita Eagle Deer, a minor and legal infant in his custody and care, on or about January 13, 1967, on the Rosebud Indian Reservation, South Dakota.  That charge has not be proved or disproved to date, but Janklow has a long series of other charges against him that have been proved including a dozen speeding charges, the most recent of which involved driving some 70 miles over the speed limit (i.e. through a stop sign) and killing another motorist.  See much more about this great Republican office-holder who once got elected after telling his Republican supporters : 'The only way to deal with the Indian problem in America,' he admitted saying, is to put a gun in the AIM [American Indian Movement] leaders' heads and pull the trigger." : http://www.buzzflash.com/analysis/03/08/21_janklow.html.
  • [corruption:]  Rep. Katherine Harris who as Secretary of State and Campaign Manager of the Bush campaign in Florida in 2000 was instrumental in Bush's capture of the White House. Defense contractor Mitchell Wade agreed to pay a $1 million fine – the second-largest in the Federal Election Commission's 32-year history – for breaking campaign laws by funneling corporate contributions to Harris and to Republican Congressman Virgil Goode of Virginia. [ http://www.miamiherald.com/news/florida/story/291455.html ]
            Wade pleaded guilty in February 2006 to bribing former Rep. Randy ''Duke'' Cunningham of California.
  • [immorality:] Vito J. Fossella (R-Staten Island, N.Y).arrested on drunken-driving charges in Virginia on May 1, 2008, acknowledged that he had fathered a daughter, now 3, in an extramarital affair. This Catholic traditional values champion is the only Republican left in the N.Y. city congressional delegation.
  • [immorality:] Helen Chenoweth (R-Idaho): one of first to condemn Clinton, admitted to having a six year extramarital affair with a married associate. The Spokane Spokesman-Review, but now she claims a pardon from a higher authority: "I've asked for God's forgiveness, and I've received it," she revealed. (She has since divorced and remarried – no doubt with the Lord's blessing!-)
  • [immorality:] J.C. Watts (R-Oklahoma): has said "Character is simply doing right when no one is looking." Watts has tried to cover up his out-of-wedlock child.
  • [immorality:] Connie Mack (R-Florida): another family values Republican who ran successfully for Congress now finds himself without a family, a bitter soon-to-be ex-wife, without custody of his children and dating Sonny Bono's widow, a Palm Springs Congresswoman, in the process of divorce herself from her second husband.
  • [immorality:] John Schmitz (R-Orange County, CA), former extreme right-wing Republican fathered two children by a mistress a former student named Carla Stuckle whom Schmitz taught when he was a professor at Santa Ana College.  One of these children was once admitted to an Orange County hospital with hair tied in a square knot around his penis so tightly that it was almost severed.
            Congressman Schmitz' daughter, Mary Kay LeTourneau, made national headlines when as a school teacher, she was arrested twice for having sex and producing two children with an underage student of hers (beginning when he was only 13 years old).
  • [immorality:] Don Sherwood (R-PA) Had a five year adulterous affair which only ended when his mistress sued him for physical abuse (and attempted murder?) in 2004.
  • [immorality:] Republican racist pedophile and United States Senator Strom Thurmond had sex with a 15-year old black girl, which produced a child.
  • [immorality:] Donald "Buz" Lukens (R-Ohio) was found guilty of having sex with a minor and sentenced to one month in jail.
  • [immorality:] Ken Calvert (R-California) said in 1998,  "We can't forgive what occurred between the President and Lewinsky."  This is the same Christian Coalition ally, who was caught by police in 1993 receiving oral sex from a prostitute.  His ex-wife also sued him for failure to pay alimony.
  • [immorality:] Chip Pickering (R-Miss.) 's estranged wife claims in a lawsuit he had an affair that ruined their marriage while Pickering was in Congress and living in a Christian building for lawmakers on C Street, near the U.S. Capitol. Pickering, 45, was elected to Congress in 1996, retired in January and is now a lobbyist in Washington for Cellular South, the company that is owned by his mistress' family.
  • [immorality:] Sue Myrick, Congresswoman (R-NC), describes herself as a "devout Christian." Yet she's divorced and now married to the man with whom some say she has admitted committing adultery when she and he were married to their prior spouses.
  • [immorality:] Jim Bunn, (R-Oregon) With his success due in great part to support from the Christian Coalition, Bunn won his congressional seat, then left his wife (and mother of his five children), married a staffer, and put his new wife on the state payroll with a salary of $ 97,500.
  • [immorality:] Ed Schrock, two-term republican congressman, with a 92% approval rating from the Christian Coalition. Cosponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment, consistently opposed gay rights. Married, with wife and kids. Withdrew his candidacy for a third term after tapes of him soliciting for gay sex were circulated.
  • [immorality:] On July 20, 1983, the House voted to simultaneously censure two members of Congress for sexual misconduct, the first time it had ever done so.
    Dan Crane (R-Illinois) was censured for having sexual relations with a 17 year-old female page.
    Gerry Studds(D-Mass.) was censured for having sexual relations with a 17 year-old male page.
            Conservative Republicans try to get some kind of political advantage by treating these two cases as morally equivalent, or they speak only of the Democrat, Studds.  But here's the rest of the story that they don't want people to know:
    • Repub. Crane was a married man at the time and a father of six young children, while Dem. Studds had been single at the time. As homosexuals, Studds and the page were not allowed to marry, but their relationship was so consensual that they had been together for ten years from the time of the original liason until 1983, when the "scandal" broke.
    • Neither of the two resigned from Congress; they both ran for re-election.
    • The Repub. Crane was defeated. The Dem. Studds was re-elected for 5 more terms for a total of 20 years.
  • [immorality:] Robert Bauman was campaigning for his fourth term as a Maryland Congressman in 1980.  A practicing Roman Catholic with a wife and child, he was one of the most vocal conservatives in a very conservative Congress.  He regularly rallied for old-fashioned values and attacked all supporters of abortion and homosexual rights.  His campaign looked rock-solid, before it changed overnight with a series of shocking revelations.  The public learned that Bauman had been charged with soliciting sex from a 16-year old boy he picked up at a gay bar, and that he had been the victim of an extortion scheme by a man who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with him.  This, combined with an alcohol problem (which did not seem to bother his fellow Congressmen before), doomed his political career.
October 7, 2005

"Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a U.S. legislative watchdog group, has released a report attempting to document the unethical and illegal activities of who they are calling the "most tainted members of Congress". In describing the reasons for the report Melanie Sloan, executive director of CREW said, "[CREW] was compelled to research and release a report on these corrupt members because the ethics committees in both the House and Senate are completely inert. The report calls for the House and Senate to act to investigate and take appropriate action against them for these violations of the rules." She went on to attack both parties regarding ethics, "Democrats are just as much to blame as Republicans for the current ethics deadlock. The Democrats won't file ethics complaints against even the most egregious violators like DeLay and Ney. The Democrats are spineless."
        The report is entitled "Beyond DeLay: The 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress", seeking to capitalize on the current media attention on ethics that has come about due to the indictments of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.
        The report covers possible violations of federal laws, as well as congressional ethics rules. To compile the report, CREW drew upon Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports and audits, sworn testimony, emails, and personal financial and travel disclosure forms. By analyzing that information, CREW then attempted to determine if the member's activities violated federal laws, regulations, or congressional ethics rules. (excluding the obvious Republican Majority Leader Tom Delay)

Excerpts from

"Ethics Cloud Over California Republicans (June 9, 2007)
Washington (AP)
Cunningham_gift     -A disproportionate number of the state's congressional Republicans are facing ethics questions that threaten to sink their careers and their party's political fortunes too.
    Of 201 House Republicans, at least six are known to have attracted the attention of federal investigators – and four are from California. Their woes come in the wake of the lurid corruption scandal that sent disgraced former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham of San Diego to prison last year for taking $2.4 million in bribes.
    Although their situations have a few common threads, some analysts attribute the cluster of California cases to coincidence, plus the state's large size and district lines drawn to protect incumbents.
    "When your seat is so safe that you're not concerned about perception, you become too wedded to Washington and you lose touch with your constituency, and you lose touch with your real purpose," said Karen Hanretty, a Republican strategist and former California Republican Party spokeswoman.
    Republican Rep. Richard Pombo was chairman of the House Resources Committee when he lost in a GOP-leaning Central California district last November amid questions about his ties to Abramoff.
    There are 33 Democrats from California, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, and none are known to be facing active FBI scrutiny.

  1. Besides Rep. John Doolittle, a nine-term Northern California conservative under investigation in the influence-peddling scandal around jailed GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff, California Republicans with ethics problems are:
  2. Rep. Jerry Lewis, now in his 15th term and chairman of the Appropriations Committee last year when federal prosecutors in Los Angeles began investigating his ties to a lobbyist with clients in his district. (In the past 3 years, Lewis has spent $1.27 million on his legal defense – http://downwithtyranny.blogspot.com/2008/01/jerry-lewis-back-in-news-more.html ).
  3. Rep. Gary Miller, in his fifth term, who's drawn scrutiny over a tax deferral strategy he used in a profitable real estate sale to a Southern California town outside his district. (Despite his being under investigation by the FBI, following their disastrous drubbing in the Nov. 2006 elections, the Republican leadership made Miller the ranking member of oversight subcommittee of House Financial Services Committee. How fitting! )
  4. Rep. Ken Calvert, in his eighth term, who denies any conflict over pushing federal funding for a planned freeway interchange 16 miles from property he sold at a profit. The FBI pulled Calvert's financial disclosure forms a year ago, but he says there's no evidence he's under active investigation."
  5. [ apnews.myway.com/article/20070609/D8PL679G0.html ]
        (The 11 Republican and 2 Democratic) "most corrupt" members of Congress covered are:
  • Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) Defeated in 2006
  • Sen. Bill Frist (R-TN, Senate Majority leader), Retired in 2006
  • Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA). Defeated in 2006
  • Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO, House Majority Whip)
  • Rep. Randy Cunningham (R-CA) Imprisoned in 2006
  • Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL)
  • Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA)Defeated in 2008 & imprisoned for 13 yrs.
  • Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO)
  • Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA) Defeated in 2006
  • Rep. Rick Renzi (R-AZ)
  • Rep. Charles Taylor (R-NC)
  • Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)

    The Epidemic of Republican resignations:

  • Randy "Duke" Cunningham, (CA – Nov., 2005) resigned from Congress after pleading guilty to taking more than $2 million in bribes in a criminal conspiracy involving at least three defense contractors.
  • Tom Delay, (TX – June, 2006).
  • Mark Foley (FL Sept. , 2006).
  • Bob Ney, (OH -Oct. , 2006). resigned from leadership positions and announced he was bowing out of re-election campaign a month before election day.

For a great analysis of the vast network of Republican corruption involving Congress and those who fuel and benefit so much of that corruption, see the gop auction house site and click on the pictures of any of the principals that may interest you.

Review of Political Corruption
( as of Nov. 2007 ):

Party identity : GOP Dems
21 1
implicated: 75 0
Indicted: 5 1
Convicted: 102 1
Total: 203 3
[ table by Ray Dubuque
based on data from http://moleprogressive.blogspot.com/ 2007/11/review-of-government-corruption.htm ]

The Public Campaign Action Fund features a letter by a number of honorable former Republican congress members who are ashamed of their party's current leadership in Congress:
        After failing badly in his attempt to unseat one of the most corrupt of current Republican leaders in Congress, Richard Pombo, Pete McCloskey urged honorable Republicans to replace corrupt Republicans in the 2006 election with honorable Democrats. See http://www.seeingtheforest.com/archives/2006/07/republican_says.htm
Here's an interesting article from "Pat & Jerry Country":
"Convicted sex offender wins 'Republican of the Year' award",
by Matthew Roy, The Virginian-Pilot
February 13, 2002

Suffolk,VA – " previous commitment will keep a Suffolk man from traveling to Washington, D.C., to accept a Republican of the Year award: He's serving a 26-year state prison sentence.
        Spokesmen for the National Republican Congressional Committee, an arm of the Republican National Committee that raises millions of dollars to elect GOP candidates to the U.S. House of Representatives, acknowledged Tuesday that convicted sex offender Mark A. Grethen was invited to accept the award at its Business Advisory Council's luncheon in March. U.S Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., chairs the NRCC. . . The award was rescinded after the NRCC learned that Grethen, 44, a former businessman, was convicted last year of six sex crimes involving children – two counts each of forcible sodomy, aggravated sexual battery and indecent liberties.  He is in the Deep Meadow Correctional Center, and his projected release date is Sept. 25, 2024."

{ www.pilotonline.com/news/nw0213per.html for the original article.)

Don't let gays destroy the institution of marriage.
That's a job for "Christian" GOP politicians:

See what the actual record shows – as opposed to all the flapping of conservative gums – about which party honors marriage by living up to its demands, and which dishonors it regularly by failing to do so. See what the data that I alone have compiled at the page below proves :


the Family-values party page.

Noteworthy corruption among Democrats :
See DemocraticCorruption.html

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      I am a Mississippi native "Christian" who is immersed in the radically conservative, Christian Coalition led, Focus on the Family brainwashed, Bible Belt.  I have (for years) been asking the same questions you ask (and answer, in many cases).
      As a "Christian" (which, honestly, I try not to use the name anymore since it has become tainted by these Judeo-Christian believers) I cannot see what they "see" in Scriptures.  How is it that this country is so blinded? I don't look at myself as Dem or Rep (hell, I have voted for both).
      I actually became so pissed at the process one year I voted for that pipsqueak (Ross Perot) over Bush and Dukakis (quickly coming to my senses and voting for Clinton the next term).
      Anyway, I love this site.  Very good information. Thanks again ! "
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      " Thank you so much for this site. I grew up in a scary Amway/Reagan/Fundamentalist household, and I stayed away from the church for a long time. Last Easter, I converted to Catholicism, because I thought Catholics escaped the evil and hypocrisy that so defines the Fundamentalist movement. To my shock and disgust, I heard of bishops telling Catholics that they would be committing a mortal sin by voting for John Kerry, a devout Catholic. Someone sneaked poorly-printed, misspelled Pro-Bush propaganda into my church the Sunday before Black Tuesday.
      I had almost lost hope that there were any Christians out there who actually follow Christ's teachings. I finally feel a little less alone
      Thank you."
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