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Noteworthy corruption among
Democrats politicians:

Many people say, G.O.P. corruption is no worse than Democratic corruption.   ( "They're all corrupt." )  I challenge anybody to direct me to anything remotely similar to the catalogue of Republican corruption above.  Here's a list to get such challengers started.  It's very short, because liberal Democrats are nowhere near as corrupt as conservative Republicans.

Although no Republican apologists volunteered a site, I found one that claims to do what I have been challenging Republicans to do. The site proclaims the following:

"Sleaze. Corruption. Breaking the law. And no agenda for the American people. The ethical hypocrisy of today's Democrats knows no bounds. While a discredited partisan hack pushes trumped-up charges against Tom DeLay, the Pelosi/Dean Democrats have become a Caucus of Corruption – name an ethics violation, and they're guilty of it. NoAgenda.org exposes the wrongdoings of more than 70 Democrats who are under an ethical cloud. Learn more about who's doing it and what they're doing."

As of 10 / 06 / 06, a related site, www.caucusofcorruption.com, was promoting the book, Caucus of Corruption, written by Mark Margolis with Mark Noonan, and it featured : "A Glowing Endorsement from Tom DeLay", about which author Noonan crowed:         "I'm excited to report that Caucus of Corruption has received its first endorsement! Our first endorsement comes from Rep. Tom DeLay, a great man and politician who found himself the number one target of Democrats in their phony ethics war."
        The authors actually include this part of DeLay's endorsement on their book cover, "a must read for all Americans looking for the unreported motivations behind the Left's political scene."
        The NoAgenda.org site is hilarious, Here's are some examples of what this site's author, Matt Margolis, considers examples of outstanding Democratic corruption: